VCSEL for Datacom

2019-07-16 21:01:53

VCSEL for Datacom

In recent years, the optical communication industry has developed very rapidly. 0.85 μm is suitable for LAN multimode optical digital communication applications. 1.3 μm is widely used for analog signal communication of single-mode fiber transmission in the medium and short distance due to its lowest dispersion and relatively low loss. 1.55 μm is widely used in long-distance multi-channel optical communication due to its lowest loss and relatively low dispersion in a very wide band. More importantly, in this band, the fiber is allowed to be equipped with a Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) system, so that each single-mode fiber can simultaneously transmits multiple optical carriers of different wavelengths. Each optical carrier can be modulated by an electrical digital signal respectively, so that one fiber has a large digital signal transmission capacity. VCSEL has become the first optimal choice for communication light source with its pure spectrum, fast response speed, easy array integration, wavelength tunability, etc.


                             image.png                             image.png

                                 The 1.5 μm VCSEL developed by vertilite and Stanford university

The first 1.5 μm VCSEL laser based on GaAs emitting light in continuous waves at room temperature in the world.

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                                     25G VCSEL                                             10G/25G eye diagram

 The first mass-produced 25Gbit/s VCSEL With our owm intellectual property rights in China.