SOSLab launches ML solid-state Lidar with Vertilite’s multi-junction addressable VCSEL

2022-08-14 14:42:13

A growing number of automotive manufacturers are installing LiDAR, such as MEMS and rotating mirror solutions, on their vehicles to enhance driver assistance systems' performance. Mechanical and semi-solid-state Lidar solutions can meet OEM demands in terms of performance, but not in terms of structure and cost. Many LiDAR suppliers have carried out plenty of research and development on solid-state LiDAR, and it is an irreversible trend that solid-state LiDAR enters the automotive market.

SOSLAB has team-worked with Vertilite to develop ML LiDAR (Mobility LiDAR) with 180-degree wide-angle and long-range measuring performance, which breaks the limits of solid-state LiDAR on distance and angle. SOSLAB is accelerating to enter the global market with ML LiDAR.

ML (Mobility LiDAR) is the simplest LiDAR in the world. It is a solid-state scanning type with no mechanical moving components, which enables maximizing productivity in terms of mass production. With powerful performance and durability - yet compact and light - it can be used for various purposes in next-generation mobility. In the ML LiDAR system, addressable VCSELs for controlling pixels individually in units achieve high performance with a simple structure. Vertilite has balanced performance between high-peak power and small divergence angle in its multi-junction addressable VCSELs.


SOSLAB specializes in LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors, which measure the distance to an object using lasers. As the only company in Korea that has succeeded in R&D for the 3D Solid-state LiDAR, SOSLAB has won recognition for the excellence of its technology from domestic and international organizations, such as the CES 2021 Innovation Awards. Through joint projects with large enterprises including Mando and SEMES, SOSLAB is realizing its LiDAR technology commercialization.